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Here’s the #1 Biggest Takeaway you Must Know

Hey Filmmakers, 

This is directly from me, North Ripley. 

The video industry is changing… are you prepared? 

In the amount of time it took you to read that sentence, over $8,000 was spent on advertising. At over $619,000,000 a day, this is one of the largest industries in the world. It’s expected to triple in the next 5-years according to Forbes. 

And it doesn’t take a masters degree or some sort of P.H.D…. to take advantage of it. 

It just takes a video producer who devoted to CUSTOMER SERVICE, to capture high-end VIDEO PROJECTS and work with contractors and filmmakers to EMPOWER OTHERS. 

So I created…


This is the ultimate set of principles, routines and habits any producer needs to take their business to the next level. 

But you desire not only making GREAT MONEY but leaving a legacy with your company where you empower an amazing team, with a massive impact on brands to leave a positive impact on the world. 

Brands are hungry for producers who can handle the responsibility of more projects delivered ontime and exceeding expectations.

So let me ask you…

Do you want to create or grow your business using rock-solid systems designed to scale-up with your progress?  

Do you want a lucritive and long-term career with strong-profits, growth, contribution and low-stress?

This is for those with ambition and hunger to be the best.  

100% Money Back Guarantee

Do you have a passion for video production and growing a business which helps cool brands and other video producers who you admire?

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Do you want a lucritive and long-term career with significance, growth, contribution and profits?

We Accept

Do you have an insatiable desire for growth, success and hunger for a way to extract your passion, skill, expertise and turn it in to a powerful craft?

LEARN FROM North Ripley

For over 20 years, North has been producing video and media and helping some of the larget brands in the world like Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Telus, CrossFit, RedBull and hundreds more… Including worldwide agencies such as Cossette, DDB, Wasserman and many more.

Actually, North has completed over 1000 projects! You have to be an idiot not to see trends at this point!

For the first time ever North is standardizing the Commercial, Corporate and Film Services Production Model by creating a once-in-a-lifetime Gold Standard Course.

The system was designed over a 10-year period with videos recorded over an 8 month period and templates taking another 4-months.

It’s meant to take someone with strong video skills who has never run their own business and has 0 followers to create and run a company which works with professional brands with complete confidence and complete ease.

Here's the CUrriculum Layout

Step #1: YOUR PASSIONATE VISION – This section will start by helping you extract your unique vision to unlock your superpower (which many people don’t even realize they have) and turn it into the right verbiage and set of outcomes which act like a step-by-step “golden brick road” to your goals.

Step #2: POWERFUL MARKETING – After you’ve discovered the foundational purpose and turned it into a personalized strategy, it’s time to get specific with the methods and secrets of the market to build unlimited traffic to your company through targeting the right people and presenting an irresistible offer.

Step #3: SIMPLE BUSINESS METHODS – At this point you will understand what a thriving business is all about and you’ll be confident enough to say the right things and fill that funnel. Next is the science behind habits and routines to make success easy and guaranteed so you can do it time and time again.

Step #4: PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIPS – This is when the course becomes a true game changer. You’ll learn how to partner with top brands and present as an equal so you can have fun with big ideas and hiring the best people to make the client’s dreams reality.

Step #5: THE PRODUCTION ENGINE – This course section blasts through the exact problems which limit success by defining simple procedures which can keep hundreds of project details perfectly handled on-time and knocked out of the park so you can scale up the project volume and keep a big smile on ALL your client’s mugs 🙂

Step #6: MASTERFUL INNOVATION – After you’ve got a big engine finding great clients and producing hundreds of cool projects while working with teams you can’t wait to see again, this section sets you up with a simple innovation routine to continuously upwards-spiral your financials, success while (and this is important) simplifying and cutting the fat to keep lean, nimble and always ahead of the competitors.


This is not a course designed to teach you how to do more projects… While that’s amazing but you don’t have more hours in the day.

Your job is to be on the helm of the ship, lookin’ out for icebergs and driving this vessel with all your favorite clients and team members on board. That means great systems and methods which support you, whether you’re scaling up to one employee or one-million dollars in revenue. 

If you’re ready to build a profitable company, SAY YES! APPLY IN THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS FILMMAKING SYSTEM TODAY!!!

BONUSES - Here’s (just some) of what you’ll get


Every. Single. Section. Organized into over 270 instructional videos organized by topic and placed into 20 carefully organized sections totaling nearly 20 hours of never-released content.


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Get access to a bundle of templates so a tidy and professional presentation is a no-brainer. You’ll look like a pro to agencies, clients, team members and staff but you’ll cut the garbage by having pre-filled paperwork so you can focus on great relationships and unstoppable service.


Every week North is live to teach you his success habits, review important material and listen to your problems to give direct solutions to stair-step you to success.


When you enroll in this course and get accepted, you’ll have a vision and a plan for success and will be taking steps toward your financial freedom.

Here is a DEEPER DIVE ON each section

VISION – How to create a powerful vision from your wisdom and lead yourself through building a culture, finding best-practices and constantly learning to build the ultimate cool company

STRATEGY – Creating a company vision, mission and values to attract cool teams and great relationships so you can deliver cinema which generates emotiona using commercial standards. All while making it easy for your clients so you can deliver more, frequently with value and quality. Ultimately running a lean, profitable and guerilla system with the best tools.

METHODS – Creating a proprietary set of packages and touchpoints with clear production stages so you can start the production engine and start innovating to continuously grow.

SELF-LEADERSHIP – How to create that big purpose and love yourself enough to go after it and get on the field and commit to the game. Continuously growing that passion to masstery using your projects to get into flow, practice work ethic, supercharge productivy and dominate the competition with obsession.

TEAM – Being a filmmaker is one thing but growing a team and taking ownership over other’s success through management, discussion and masterminding is where you want to be. I’ll show you how to work with team members in a cross-funtional way to battle-plan your way through innovation, goals, challenges, all the way to success and awards.

MEASUREMENT – If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t get managed. This is the surest path to financial health and creating top-of-market salary with transparent numbers and metrics you can control using a dashboard. Keep lean and profitable and carefully track payables and receivables to profit, save and invest.success while (and this is important) simplifying and cutting the fat to keep lean, nimble and always ahead of the competitors.

ROSTERS – Slowly creating an inspired tribe of creatives to support you in your role is key. I’ll show you how to structure that Roster and slowly groom it over time so future opportunities are easy and putting a new team member to test and enroll helps you compete and grow quickly.

SETUPS – What kind of systems should we use? I’ll show you exactly what softwares I use for pre-production, editing and even phone, email and backups. Plus how to organize equipment for insurance purposes.

SERVICE – Before getting those dream clients, we need to target those ideal clients and valuable brands in a sea of options to slowly fill the funnel and play the long game by creating value and finding great clients. Then we take ownership over those clients, keep ‘em close and pull-in great projects and serve like family.

PUBLISHING  There are so many content options but we want to play some success theatre and generate great clients by sharing knowledge, ideas and samples so we’re completely transparent and frequently in the mind of our target customer and not the haters.

EXPLORATION  This engine is how we build a client community and power base to unlock those valuable projects and spark customer responses so we can collect a massive list to move through a funnel of sales.

DISCOVERY  Once we have those inquiries, how do we handle opportunities? Let’s look at managing those clients using meetings, discovery sessions and calls so the client feels safe, respected and can’t wait to move forward with a perfect project fit loaded with value.

BUDGETING  Creating a set of packages with a perfect fit quote to estimate all the efforts, expenses and hitting the client’s deliverables so we scale and profit no matter what. 

PROPOSALS  I hate wasting time with proposals unless they’re the start of a great project and an aligned project. I’ll show you how to tell a great client and find your passion to tell a great story, set expectations and specify planning with a short and concise propsal which gets results and confirms the sale and the cash. 

RESEARCH  Creating a killer plan comes from the simple stuff so let’s chunk down the action items and find the storytelling keys so this project is simple and easy. We want a fast and powerful production so our milestones are hit as we make progress to the finals.  

DEVELOPMENT  Creating a proper production book is all about supporting the team with a visual treatment and script so you show the cinema on paper before you direct the narration and break down the schedule, shot and plan.

PRE-PRODUCTION  This section is all about casting the location, talent and props, or maybe you can call it scouting but keeping organized to source those assets using our three-d process while supporting the team with a digital briefing and pre-production briefing so you’re prepped and prepared. 

PRODUCTION  There are so many production tricks but what are the foundations to diving and conquering a professional production? It’s all about looking the part and creating great energy so you can direct the team and lead the emotion to capture pro-lighting, clear audio and powerful visuals, on-schedule with a tight wrap.

POST-PRODUCTION  This isn’t a Premiere tutorial, it’s how to direct post so you have a smooth workflow and you craft powerful emotion so you’re proudly delivering each cut with aligned effects, emotional audio and a tidy project wrap so you can support the client with ongoing care.

MASTERY  If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you won’t find it in this course. We’re building an inspired passion and skill of being a consummate professional so you have a long-term career you’re excited to grow into and continue practicing mastery for years. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

Do you have a passion for video production and growing a business which helps cool brands and other video producers who you admire?

Secure Checkout

Do you want a lucritive and long-term career with significance, growth, contribution and profits?

We Accept

Do you have an insatiable desire for growth, success and hunger for a way to extract your passion, skill, expertise and turn it in to a powerful craft?


I want your production company to be a serious problem for you – TOO MANY CLIENTS! My methods can create a tidal-wave of exploding business SO we need to carefully scale up slowly so you can handle the growth.

Let’s get you on the path to true success… FREEDOM! The ability to create what you want, when you want

This whole system is $997 per month or weekly payments of 249 to get instant access to our mastermind course with over $2,500 worth of bonuses for FREE including templates and step-by-step checklists. 

I want you to be supported (no matter what level you’re at) so you have a strong and ambitious path to success. It’s going to be challenging and I’m going to push you to grow and expand beyond your comfort zone – this is what success requires!

While you’re in this mastermind, I’m going to be running my company and continuing to create training and videos to add to the course. 

I’m going to get hands-on by drip-feeding you the most appropriate videos and learning content for you and your unique situation. Of course, I can unload all this great content on your right away (some people can handle it).

I’ll work with you personally to find out where you’re at and provide the right-next-step in terms of one-on-one mentorship, group coaching, video training and masterminding

This is your chance to be supported in a team atmosphere like never before. I would love to be that mentor for you. 

I’ve been blessed to train many producers just like you. My system is going to work hard to show you that education is worth 10x the price tag. 

Sign-up now. Are you game for this? 



Think about it…

I want your business to be wildly successful so we can keep you on the mastermind on an ongoing basis for years to come. There is no limit to your development. 

If it seems expensive, consider all the little expenses which take up way more than this. If you’re making 10k to 50k per month in your business, this amount is between 10% and 2% of your total revenue. Just a snip off the top of all the profit you’ll be making. 

This stuff has taken me nearly 20 years to figure out and you’re getting an action packed schedule with all the goods organized like a fire-hose of information. I’m going to help you organize this overwhelming challenge of growth so you have clear steps and we can start seeing results right away. 

So that’s why I’m giving this to you for just $995 today.

Don’t miss this opportunity, I’ll keep it open for a limited offer only. 

Let’s change your life and your business income today, together!


  • A weekly mastermind call of 120 minutes
  • A series of recommended video training each week
  • Specific one-on-one focus from North Ripley and the rest of the group
  • Questions, curiosity and group coaching to find the next-right step
  • Clear next action steps and outcomes to be completed during the week
  • Access to over 270 videos, resources, quizzes and learning opportunities
  • Access to production templates and checklists to support each section
  • Clear roadmaps to
  1. Profitable business strategy
  2. Attractive marketing presentation
  3. Preparing budgets and proposals
  4. Finding and organizing clients
  • Option to upgrade to more advanced team masterminds
  • The private UFBS Facebook Group






Total Value


Yours today for only $997/ month

 This is the best course and inclusive education I’ve had, it’s one thing to get a bunch of videos but it’s something more to have one-on-one step-by-step training to know WHAT to do. 


This is the best course and inclusive education I’ve had, it’s one thing to get a bunch of videos but it’s something more to have one-on-one step-by-step training to know WHAT to do. 

– Rebecca Spencer

 I have been struggling for years just barely scraping by, the Ultimate Filmmaking Business System is the light at the end of this dark tunnel. I am so grateful for this! Literally, a trained monkey could start a banana filming company with this course.”

– Joshua Lee

Already made big changes in my business and started to see the profit climb using my new dashboard and I’ve booked another client and can’t wait to transform my client’s business with my work.

– Patrick Dahdal

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course won’t work if you don’t work. But if for some reason you aren’t on your way to real success in the first 30 days, email us and we will take care of your refund!

100% Money Back Guarantee

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