Get and Stay Motivated, Ultimate Challenge towards Success

Being Ambitious means Accepting Complexity with Ease brings Success!

Are you performing at your best? Then get and stay motivated towards success!

I know all you super high performers out there who are always taking things to the next level. You are a combination of self-consciousness and drive!

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Some of the people I coach are really a whirlwind of challenges, conflicts, unfinished projects, relationships which need work, and a body which needs a vacation.  There’s an art of being in the middle of complete chaos and being comfortable.

The more ambitious you get, the more entrepreneurial you are and the higher your standards become. Thus, all the more pressure you will learn to sustain. 

So what does the next level look like? When you get at the level of  those super high performers, how do they find the edge? 

  • Second, IT’S NOT IN DOING LESS. 
  • Finally, IT’S NOT IN THE CALM. 

Success starts by accepting the complexity and challenge as normal. Like a kid with the messy room who just doesn’t seem to notice the chaos surrounding him. So without acceptance of your wild and incredibly ambitions side, you will never fully reach perfection.

Great Sacrifice Leads to Great Success

The most successful people are driven and ambitious and are like a whirlwind, they stir up and muddy the waters around them and get lost in the work. Their calendars are full to the brim and they’re doing whatever it takes to move forward. 

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I have the perfect word for this “SACRIFICE”. You must find your sacrifice. 

When we really look at high performance, there is only a single rope pulling them forward and that’s a mission and the willingness to do whatever it takes. Moreover, they are willing to make sacrifices along the way. 

Handling Complexity with Ease

The amateur is committed to reduction of complexity. 

Go and work for someone else and let them handle the responsibility. After all, it will never be your fault if their business fails and their investors and partners have to suffer. Since they’ve reduced the complexity of your existence to a set of daily actions and projects which you must perform.

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The paradox of finding an order, serenity and acceptance in the complexity will become your calm. You’ll feel at ease and simplicity in your existence even though chaos is erupting around you. Your calmness will be another’s chaos. 

After all, this world is simply something to be interpreted isn’t it? 

Because, everything that’s happening around you is a busy swirling of other beings on this planet looking to survive. Both physical objects and immovable materials. Half of the stuff you run into is made to elicit  an emotion and grab your attention. While the other half is the physical world with no wrong or right. 

Practicing the Highest Virtue known as “TRUTH”


In this life we have only a few “truisms” which are statements proven correct regardless of the context or circumstance. The first of which is a highest virtue known as “TRUTH”. Above all, you must be true to yourself, true to your purpose, true to what’s empowering, true to what serves your mission and true to your unlimited potential. 

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Facts of Bringing “TRUTH”

  • First, bringing “truth” and bringing it to your work will see you focusing on the greatest gift you can bring to this world. 
  • Second, bringing “truth” to your health will see you exercising and physically playing while caring for your body and bringing a flushing blood flow to your tissue each day full of nutrients and oxygen. 
  • The third is about, bringing “truth” to your relationships will have you re-committing to your partner and re-discovering a way of supporting them over and over. 
  • Then the fourth one, bringing “truth” to your friendships will have you spending time around positive people who build you up and teach you to value what you bring to this world.
  • Lastly, bringing “truth” to your purpose will have you connecting to your full potential and developing a vision you review each day and touching your heart to connect with doing whatever it takes to bring your best-self to serve the world.

Mastering and Sacrificing will Lead You to Your Success!

Mastering this will put you in the realm of Socrates and buried along with the great thinkers. 

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Once we truly connect with our insignificance in this world, we devote ourselves to a contribution beyond ourselves where we become willing to push past challenge and discomfort. 

Love yourself, love your work, love those around you. 

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About the Author

North Ripley is a 7-figure business entrepreneur, certified business coach, health enthusiast, father and, speaker. He’s also an influencer to thousands and a mentor to weekly mastermind groups.

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He’s known for an unconventional approach to business, leadership, and life.

North owns Red Ripley Inc and produced over one-thousand projects and campaigns which have reached millions of consumers during a 20 year career. He is also certified in digital film with a specialization in cinematography.  Lastly, he has a multimedia diploma and handles project management as a certified business coach.

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